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    News from the webmasta

    04.03.23: made several updates to the home page

    04.04.23: updated home page and added an art page

    05.14.23: sorry for being ded lol heres some art tho

    05.16.23: changed website layout and added a better chat box

    05.23.23: added counter, to do, and news box. Also a guestbook!!

    05.24.23: made a button and new gifypet

    07.10.23: changed index layout

    07.11.23: changed webmaster page and added a lot of stuff to it

Webmaster's to do
  • to do list
  • Pages
    • finish OC page
    • make a gallery page
    • make a shrine page
  • Remake webmaster page
    • redraw webmaster
    • update playlist
    • make a friends list
  • Make a button
add site button!